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queen-bee-shuttle on pentadecathlon (xp30_x33zgka9akgzzzx75777757)

x = 1, y = 1, rule = B3/S23
This pattern is an oscillator.
This pattern is periodic with period 30.
This pattern runs in standard life (b3s23).
The population fluctuates between 28 and 59.
This evolutionary sequence works in multiple rules, from b3s23-kr through to b2n34cqyz5jkq6ace7cs234ckz5ekr6-ac.

Pattern RLE

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Glider synthesis

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#C [[ GRID MAXGRIDSIZE 14 THEME Catagolue ]]
#CSYNTH xp30_x33zgka9akgzzzx75777757 costs 7 gliders (true).
#CLL state-numbering golly
x = 34, y = 19, rule = B3/S23

Sample occurrences

There are 16 sample soups in the Catagolue:

Official symmetries

SymmetrySoupsSample soup links

C1 2   

G1 2   

G2_2 1  

Unofficial symmetries

SymmetrySoupsSample soup links

mvr_catsoup_stdin 7          

ror_stdin_test 1  

stdin_QBS 1  

stdin_natural_LCM 2   

Comments (2)

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On 2021-03-11 at 10:54:02 UTC, Ignacy.Jackl wrote:

Cis-queen bee shuttle with penthadecathlon 3 (3rd in order of rarity as of 11th March 2021)

On 2016-06-08 at 17:45:22 UTC, Someone wrote:

The name should be "cis-queen bee shuttle with pentadecathlon", plus a number which indicates which isomer it is. This is because the PD replaces a block from the original queen bee shuttle, and we want to keep its name consistent with "buckaroo with integral" and "omnibus with tubs".

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