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The Ash Pattern Generator (or apgsearch) is a cross-platform program for running random initial configurations in Conway's Game of Life and examining all of the objects produced. The current recommended version is 5.x:

Feature comparison

Version 5.x (C++)Version 1.x (Python)
Typical speed (per core)*7200 soups/sec300 soups/sec
Multi-core searchingYesNo
DependenciesGCC, PythonPython, Golly
Requires compilationYesNo

*on an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz.

A more comprehensive comparison is available on the wiki page and Catagolue tutorial.

Version 5.x (C++)

The source code and instructions are on the GitLab repository.

Alternatively, there is a precompiled Windows version of apgsearch v5.43.

Version 5.x (built from source) can also run on CUDA-capable GPUs.

Version 1.x (legacy)

You need compatible versions of Python 2 and Golly together with the search script:

You'll also need to generate a payosha256 key unless you want to upload your soups anonymously (in which case use the key '#anon').

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